Students of The School of Pennsylvania Ballet


Notes we've received from parents of students at The School of Pennsylvania Ballet.

“This has been the most exciting year of Audrey's life.  She had been dreaming for years of attending a school like the The School of Pennsylvania Ballet.   After every class she beams with excitement over her wonderful teachers.”  (Level 4)
“Your kindness, hard work, passion and professionalism is to be applauded!  Thank you for welcoming our children and for inspiring them to reach their true potential.” (Level 3)
Congratulations on a wonderful and most successful first year with the “new” School of Pennsylvania Ballet!  It has been amazing to watch the students develop over the course of the year and it has all been done in the most positive and nurturing of environments- thank you.  Beyond the excellent professional instruction, it has been very obvious that each student is seen and cared about as an individual making parents feel very comfortable about leaving their children at the school for many hours each week.We knew immediately in September that something was very right when seeing the ease with which the students were able to transition into the new school despite their varied backgrounds and also how quickly they seemed to become a group. Kimberly has been happy at the school since day one.  We have seen so many positive changes in her as a dancer including increased speed, precision, strength, and (best of all) confidence. The opportunities and support that you have provided for her are appreciated more than you know.From a parent’s perspective, communication from the school is always comprehensive, timely, and organized.  Parents are always treated with respect and good humor, and any concerns are quickly acknowledged and addressed.  You should all feel so proud of what you have created.  We just wanted to take a moment to express our thanks.” (Level 6)
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