Company Member Daniel Cooper | Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

Pennsylvania Ballet Staff

  • Administrative

    Interim Executive Director: David Gray
    Executive Assistant and Company Manager: Emily Pratt
    Property Manager: Anthony Costandino
    Office Manager: Anna L. Zaharchuk

    Director of Development: Jane Kamp,
    Annual Fund Manager: Jessica M. Holl
    Annual Fund Coordinator: Catherine Ross
    Manager of Special Events: Barbara L. Vogdes

    Finance and Human Resources
    Director of Finance and Human Resources: Madeline Apollo
    Controller: Carol Scarazzini 
    Accountant: Bill Martin

    Marketing and Public Relations
    Group Sales Manager: Arajua Backman
    Interim Marketing Manager: Emily Hart 
    Graphic Designer: Kara Howland
    Photographer/Videographer: Alexander Iziliaev 
    Public Relations Manager: Marissa Montenegro

    School of Pennsylvania Ballet and Outreach and Education
    School Director: William DeGregory 
    Principal Instructor: Arantxa Ochoa
    Instructor: Laura Bowman
    Instructor: Martha Chamberlain
    Manager of Outreach and Education: Sarah Cooper
    Outreach Associate: Jon Martin
    Registrar: Joanne Smith

  • Artistic

    Artistic Director: Ángel Corella

  • Music

    Music Director and Conductor: Beatrice Jona Affron
    Assistant Conductor: Salvatore Scarpa
    Concertmaster: Luigi Mazzocchi
    Personnel Manager: Anne Peterson
    Solo Pianist: Martha Koeneman
    Company Pianist: Brian Chronister
    Pennsylvania Ballet II Pianist: Ray Lindsey
    Librarian: J. Robert Loy

  • Medical

    Orthopedic Consultants
    Wen Chao, M.D.
    Nicholas A. DiNubile, M.D.
    Marc I. Harwood, M.D.

    Physical Medicine & Rehab Consultants
    Julie Green, MSPT, OCS


  • Production

    Resident Lighting Designer: John Stephen Hoey
    Production Coordinator: Cheryl Harrison
    Stage Manager: Anthony Costandino
    Associate Lighting Designer: Chris Frey
    Production Carpenter: Colin Peters
    Flyman: Paul Hewitt
    Master Electrician: David Harrison
    Assistant Electricians: Cheryl Harrison and John Duncan Jr.
    Property Master: Daniel Amadie
    Property Assistant: Travis Salomone
    Wardrobe Supervisor: Wendy Levin
    Costumer: Marie Vitale
    Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor: Julie Watson

  • Subscriber Services & Teleservices

    Patron Services
    Jayson Bucy, Megan Brown, Brand-I-Curtis McCloud, Meg Hackney, Mariangela Saavedra, Julia Schrank, Jena Smith

    Teleservices Manager: Cassandra Mansfield
    Representatives: Kilolo Harmon, John Paul, Laurie Schaffer, Rebecca Trabin, Mackenzie Wright