Body Language


By: Beth Kephart The Balanchine Trust repetieurs are in the house- Merrill Ashely and Sandra Jennings, two once and always prima ballerinas. They have George Balanchine's work in their blood, an intimacy with the great choreographer's steps, an almost-secret knowing of how his ballets carry song... More

Dancing Forsythe's Dances: from outside in and inside out

12-13, Behind the Scenes, Features

by Dr. Linda Caruso Haviland   PART I: FORSYTHE AND HIS WORK PART II: THE DANCERS' VOICES   Part I    Forsythe and his work: From the outside in In 1963, half a century ago, the fledgling Pennsylvania Ballet cut its teeth on the work of the revolutionary choreographer... More

Artifact: 1. that which is made from/out of art, 2. evidence of what came before.


By Kirsten Kaschock In Pennsylvania Ballet’s premiere performance of William Forsythe’s Artifact Suite—a redux of his 1984 full-length ode to ballet Artifact—dramatic elements (a woman in a historical dress, a man with a megaphone, text) have been excised. What remains is dance. Costumed... More

Rising to the Occasion


By: Jonathan M. Stein William Forsythe, the American choreographer who re-invented ballet in the period after George Balanchine, is a brilliant Janus-faced artist who can both look back at the history of dance while charting its future. Artifact Suite, his 2004 "a ballet about a ballet" (as he... More

Free to Dance


Every morning of his work week, Alexander Peters leaves his home in Center City for a 20-minute walk to his job at the new Louise Reed Center for Dance a few blocks north of City Hall.   The 22-year-old performer uses the first few minutes of walking to clear his head and ready himself for... More