Small dancers with medium-size ballet shoes to fill


By Ellen Dunkel, Inquirer Staff Writer At 10, Jane Cohen of Moorestown is already a veteran of Pennsylvania Ballet's George Balanchine's The Nutcracker. In the last two seasons she's been the bunny, an angel, and a grandchild. This year's goal was to be a girl in the party scene and a... More

Pennsylvania Ballet – Jewels


By Kat Richter for The Dance Journal As noted in Lew Wittington’s interview with PA Ballet Artistic Director Roy Kaiser last month, George Balanchine’s iconic Jewels is an immense undertaking.  It’s usually performed by larger companies and PA Ballet’s version, which opened at the... More

Body Language


By: Beth Kephart The Balanchine Trust repetieurs are in the house- Merrill Ashely and Sandra Jennings, two once and always prima ballerinas. They have George Balanchine's work in their blood, an intimacy with the great choreographer's steps, an almost-secret knowing of how his ballets carry song... More

Dancing Forsythe's Dances: from outside in and inside out

12-13, Behind the Scenes, Features

by Dr. Linda Caruso Haviland   PART I: FORSYTHE AND HIS WORK PART II: THE DANCERS' VOICES   Part I    Forsythe and his work: From the outside in In 1963, half a century ago, the fledgling Pennsylvania Ballet cut its teeth on the work of the revolutionary choreographer... More

Artifact: 1. that which is made from/out of art, 2. evidence of what came before.


By Kirsten Kaschock In Pennsylvania Ballet’s premiere performance of William Forsythe’s Artifact Suite—a redux of his 1984 full-length ode to ballet Artifact—dramatic elements (a woman in a historical dress, a man with a megaphone, text) have been excised. What remains is dance. Costumed... More