Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

The Company Experience

August 12 – 16 Only

The Company Experience is a full week of intense ballet training. Students enrolled in this special program will have a technique class each day along with pointe, variations, men’s classes and partnering throughout the week. Classes will be taught by the dancers and artistic staff of Pennsylvania Ballet and will include daily workshops featuring the choreography of Matthew Neenan.

A number of Pennsylvania Ballet principal dancers are scheduled to teach, including Ian Hussey, Amy Aldridge, Lauren Fadeley, Francis Veyette and others.  Former soloist Tara Keating will oversee the Neenan choreography workshops. In addition, Pennsylvania Ballet artistic director Roy Kaiser is scheduled to teach two master classes during the week. 

Enrollment is limited. Open to advanced students and young professionals only, ages 16 to 22. Auditions are required, unless you are a current SPB student (full year or summer).
Tuition: $550 for the full week.

Contact registrar Joanne Smith at 215-589-6942 to schedule an audition or request a registration form.